Album Review :
Bellarive - The Being Human Project...Start Listening EP

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Band: Bellarive
Title: The Being Human Project…Start Listening EP
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: July 31, 2009
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. Overflow
2. Love Has Found Us
3. Shine On
4. Sing
5. New Atmospheres
6. Stories

So hear is another review straying from my comfort zone of head banging and face melting metal. While I enjoy and find comfort in loud aggressive guitars and shouting vocals, I have come to enjoy the softer side of music especially after metal shows on my drive home when I need to wind down.

That is where this six-piece ambient Floridian rock band comes in. There current release The Being Human Project…Start Listening EP is very mellow and soothing to the human soul and spirit. They remind me a lot of Leeland. Musically, I really enjoyed how the music is woven together. While I sit back, close my eyes, and listen to the EP, I can hear and feel the piano and guitars resonate and bring calmness inside my spirit. I really enjoyed the instrumentation on this EP. Bellarive does an excellent job of creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility without being boring or putting me to sleep.

The vocals on the album fit in well with the music. Sean Curran does and excellent job on lead vocals and Melissa Mage compliments well on backup vocals. Lyrically, all the songs are all worship centered that are straight from the heart. There is no need for obscure metaphors to wrap a message around. Every believer can identify and relate to the heartfelt passion of the lyrics. I believe Bellarive says it best concerning their lyrics, “In our response, we write. It is from this place that the Being Human Project…Start Listening EP was birthed. Our desire is that you too will pause, perceive and behold the beauty in the world around you. For we all have been beaten and bruised, but not forgotten; friends know there is still Hope. He is present.”

Overall: I would suggest this excellent EP to any music fan. This is not just a bunch of instruments and vocals thrown together but more of a work of art. The songs bring forth a passion to carry on and revel in the beauty and majesty of Jesus Christ. You also get your money’s worth because the six-track EP weighs in at over 36 minutes long.