Album Review :
Arkeo - Of Clive and Malcolm

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Artist: Arkeo

Album: Of Clive And Malcolm

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

Hailing from the mythical state of Hawaii, this progressive alt rock band has come out with a new full length that might push them to the next level. See also: maybe, possibly, could. That is what we in the world of thesauruses call synonyms. I use them as an emphasis. It is usually the little things that help bands go from bad to good, from good to great, from great to amazing. The question that must be answered is what has “Of Clive and Malcolm” done for Arkeo? Let’s investigate.

It doesn’t take long to see that these guys, known mainly for playing in their homeland for the big show invitees, have something special about them, mixing in a nice gathering of swirling synths, gang vocals, catchy melodies and gleanings from alternative rock and maybe a dash of pop-punk here and there. Lyrics hit home, even when vague, like when they come out and say things like “I don’t know what I want, but I want to get out”, which is one of their simpler lines, but it kind of brings things together, as they battle what the world wants and what they really need.

Here is where it gets tricky, though. The songs are catchy, but quickly forgettable. What I mean is that I can quickly pick up the song when it is being sung and my memory is quickly jogged every time I hear it, but as soon as the song is over I could hardly quote a line or name a song. I have this feeling that in the future I will listen to this and say to myself “I can’t believe I don’t listen to this more, it is so good”, but then when its over forget about it for awhile again. For an indie record, this is really very good, but they could probably still use a little help to make a leap to the next level, if that is what they even want. If I lived in Hawaii (dreams can come true, can’t they?) I’d want to check these guys out for sure. Until then, my guess is I will enjoy this record from time to time. That isn’t so bad.


Track List:

1. Epic

2. In Between

3. Miserable Ones

4. Hater

5. Map Makers

6. Mr Malcolm

7. Coping

8. I Need You To Know

9. Windows Between Worlds

10. Anthem Of The End