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Anberlin - Cities

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Band: Anberlin
Title: Cities
Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: 2.20.07
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. (Debut)
02. Godspeed
03. Adelaide
04. A Whisper And A Clamor
05. The Unwinding Cable Car (Blackjack)
06. Hello Alone
07. Reclusion
08. Alexithymia
09. Inevitable
10. Dismantle Repair
11. (*Fin)

Anberlin have finally released their eagerly anticipated third effort for Tooth & Nail Records. The buzz on this album has been stirring for months already and now has been fully unleashed. If early predictions are correct this will be the bands biggest album by far and in my opinion, it’s also their best!This is without a doubt classic Anberlin. But an improved, focused, and intensified presentation of the quintet. The album has a much better overall presentation and flows perfectly from start to finish.

After a short intro, “Godspeed” bursts through the speakers. This is Anberlin without a doubt. I’d be able to pick out that sound any day. This song presents what we’ve come to expect from the band. “Adelaide” hops in next and honestly presents me with the first Anberlin song I could see as a radio single. That’s the one thing that’s always held them back in my mind. Well, they’ve broken that mindset for me here. The pace does not let up with “A Whisper And A Clamour”. The band continues to present bouncy rhythms with huge harmonized choruses. Possibly the biggest standout track for me is the soft, acoustic “The Unwinding Cable Car”. The song highlights Christian’s vocal abilities and his ability to completely capture a listener’s attention. One of the best Anberlin songs ever. The band then jumps back in with some upbeat tracks like “Hello Alone” and another favorite of mine “Reclusion”.

“Cities” has improved in each and every aspect of the band. Stephen’s vocals are noticeably superior than anything he’s presented so far. They are dead on in every track regardless of tempo or style. From aggressive, to hushed and soothing, they fulfill each song’s requirements. Nathan’s drumming is tighter and really keeps the songs together. Even the guitarists seem to have grown together more and produce a much more cohesive effort. It was also nice to hear some acoustic here and there and more solo work as well. The music has branched from excessive poppiness to seemingly more mature, intense rock. Don’t get me wrong, all of the band’s famous catchiness is still there. They’ve combined all these elements into what will be a great album for years to come!

Overall Rating: Anberlin has managed to progress and topple the greatness of “Never Take Friendship Personal” with this album. Much more variation, many more hits, this disc will be one of the top records of 2007!

Standout Tracks: “The Unwinding Cable Car”, “Reclusion”, “Dismantle Repair”

Marketability: Already possessing a large following and with intense promotion for over a month, “Cities” is bound to sell. I would guess 30k plus opening week. Combining that with the fact that this album has serious potential for a radio single, much more so than the past 2 discs, the future is bright for the ever-impressive band.

Similar To: The Juliana Theory, Acceptance (RIP), a pumped up Jimmy Eat World

Tooth & Nail

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