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Anathallo "Floating World"

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Band: Anathallo
Title:“Floating World”
Label: None
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Review by: As the Fall Breaks

I have known of Anathallo for a good couple of years but didn’t get their cd’s  “a holiday at the sea” and “sparrows” until this past year. I have been a fan ever since. When I first heard they were making a new cd that was to be released in 2006 I was extremely excited. Anathallo is one of the most talented and original bands I’ve ever heard so anything from them would be amazing. Well upon getting their new cd 3 days ago I can tell you with confidence that Anathallo has delivered in a huge way and hasn’t let me down. First off the artwork is incredible. It’s one of the best cases for a cd that I’ve ever seen. This cd is worth buying for the artwork alone but thats not the only thing amazing about this cd. The last cd they released was in 2003(with the exception of hymns which was 2004) and it really shows that they have been working hard over their break in between cds. The cd starts out with a song called “ame” which is just a song that ties in with the second song. The second song titled “Genessaret(going out over 30,000 fathoms of water)” really starts this cd. Its a very soft track but has some great back up vocals that is nothing short of amazing and some bells in there which is very awesome to me. What happens on the next 12 tracks is amazing. Anathallo uses many things to create their music which makes it truly original. From stomping and clapping, to cap guns(yes I heard  they used this for the cd ), or chains, no matter what they use it makes for some amazing sounding  music that is truly incredible. They even throw in a different language in a lot of the tracks that sounds great and mixes well with the songs. I think its japanese but I could be wrong. The only thing  that I can think of that may throw some people off is the lyrics. While their lyrics in the past have been great this cd is a little different. By no means am I saying the lyrics are bad or not good. I just think it may take some time looking into them and possible, by the interview I sent them, that some of the lyrics will be explained. The cd I’m pretty sure is a concept album based on a japanese proverb if not many proverbs. Even though I may not be able to understand some of their lyrics on this cd , it makes me want to look deeper into their lyrics and see the true meaning of it. The hanasakajijii songs each have a short story by them in the lyrics page which is very interesting.  This is truly an amazing cd. If you have ever heard any song by Anathallo and liked it I highly suggest you pick it up. Even if you haven’t you  should give them a chance on their myspace. They have 2 songs from this cd on there. Trust me it was worth the wait and it delivers big time. I’m sorry if I didn’t go enough in depth for this review or if it seems all messy and unorganized. If you get anything out of this review it should be this-Anathallo is an amazing band that is very original. Every cd they make is great but their best work in my opinion is “floating world” and everyone should pick it up.

check them out here (only this site has new stuff from the floating world cd)
track listing

2)Genessaret(going out over 30,000 fathoms of water)
4)by number
5)dokkoise house (with face covered)
6)hanasakajijii four: a great wind more ash
7)hanasakajijii one: the angry neighbor
8)Inu howling
9)hanasakajijii two:floating world
10)the brusied reed
11)yuki! yuki! yuki!
12)hanasakajijii three:the man who made dead trees bloom
13)cuckoo spitting blood
14)kasa no hone: the umbrella’s bones

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