Album Review :
An Epic, No Less - We Are the Echo of Love

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Artist: An Epic, No Less

Title: We Are the Echo of Love

Label: None

Release Date: June 22, 2010

Reviewer: Sam


  1. One Word
  2. Darling of Heaven
  3. Mercy Light
  4. Echo of Love
  5. We Need You
  6. Greatness of Our God
  7. The Love of God
  8. In Christ Alone

An Epic, No Less is a group hailing from St. Louis, MO that puts out an enthusiastic, heavily electronic brand of worship music.  Musically, An Epic, No Less breaks no real new ground with We Are the Echo of Love bringing to mind artists like Paper Route, Owl City, and Postal Service.  However, their enthusiasm, solid tunes, and the fact that you can tell that they straight up enjoy their art are more than enough to forgive them for being a bit derivative.  Electronic beats, noises, and beeps abound as the record runs from track to track embedding itself into your head for the remainder of the day.

Lyrically, this is purely a worship record.  This is probably the main thing that keeps these guys unique because they focus purely on lyrics of praise to God both original and covered.  The lyrics are often metaphorical and well written, even when they do the cover of In Christ Alone they add their own lyrical flair.

There’s not too much negative to say about this record except for the fact that for the last couple of songs it feels a little over polished.  However, while the last two songs have more of that CCM feel to them, they are still quality tracks.  The rest of the record illicits no compliants and is a great listen for anytime. If you want to check it out, you can pick up an copy of the record here.

Standout Tracks:  Darling of Heaven, Echo of Love, We Need You

Overall: An Epic, No Less puts out a solid, if somewhat brief, first offering into the music stream.  Their penchant for infectious electronic worship music shows a lot of potential and makes these guys a group to keep your eye on.  If they continue to improve from this record, I’m very confident that they have a very bright future in the music industry.  Definitley a “buy.”

For Fans of:  Owl City, Paper Route, and Postal Service