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All But Screaming "Electric Lights"

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Band: All But Screaming
Album: Electric Lights
Label: None
Review by: Brandon Jones

Wow, where do I begin. I’m highly impressed by this new ep effort from the indie band All But Screaming. At first I was hesitant to give them a fair listen due to their name but Josh persuaded me to give them a shot. Well I did so a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with their music. This band has a penchant for writing finely tuned and memorable melodic rock. This ep consists of 5 tracks and every one of them is “single” worthy. The independent scene is over flowing with talent and this is another fine example of bands writing music from their hearts with the musicianship to back it up.


“Electric Lights” starts the album off with a bang. Off the cuff guitars resonate with a somber tone and electrifying presence. The song strikes me as being about either a girlfriend or wife. “I will hold on, hold on, till everything is gone till everything is gone. I will hold on God knows I’ll try anything to get inside anything to get inside your eyes your eyes honestly I feel at peace while I’m on my knees and you’re next to me.”


“Save Your Ammo” continues the soothing goodness for another few minutes. “If I could just breathe I’d hold it in, and keep it in cuz this will never end gently I’d pull up my sleeves and load em up for the punch cuz this will never end gently.”


“Wide Eyed” is quite simply my favorite track on this entire album. I love it. It’s a soothing ballad of a track and encompasses you in a blanket of pure melodic rock bliss. This reminds me of the times bands would actually write a catchy song that would get you singing along, a mood song that would bring the best out of you. This song is single worthy and I could see it getting some airplay if the band decides to move in that direction.


“Calm Down” sets the tone yet again. Another moving and hum worthy tune. “Somethin tells me you’ll never see the sun up close unless you feel it burn. Sweet salvation, glorious father, I need to get out of here”.


“Waiting for Rain” ends the album. It’s a sweet song about a cry for mercy, healing of a heavy heart, and cleansing rain of redemption. It’s a solid track and a great way to end this album. “I feel torn apart and the pain’s real you have my heart and I’m on my knees and I’m begging for mercy please God I need energy cuz I’ve got noting left in me”


There is just something different about these guys that sets them apart from their fellow peers and the music scene at large. They have this 90’s alternative rock tone, something that takes me back. I am reminded of groups like Silverchair, Third Eyed Blind, and even Live. Though they do have a current enough sound to move beyond the 90’s tag. I would say you could compare them by taking these following bands and putting them in a blender: Silverchair, Live, Third Eyed Blind, Acceptance, Augustana, and Mute Math. If you’re a fan of either of the above bands, you’ll definite be getting into this band.





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