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Air Five - Write My Story

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Band: Air Five
Title: Write My Story
Label: Audio Frenzy
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Write My Story
02. I Wanna Go
03. I Will Carry You
04. Please Don’t Change
05. Here’s Me Letting Go
06. One and Only
07. Love You More
08. All I Need (10,000 Miles)
09. Hold My Hand
10. Open Season


Ben Peeples: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Michael Segarra: Bass, Vocals
Taylor Carroll: Drums, Vocals

Air Five is another band that I just ran across while doing my endless scouring of the internet for new bands to cover. I am a huge sucker for pop punk and there really hasn’t been that many of late, especially in the Christian realms, besides Hawk Nelson & Stellar Kart. These guys hooked me instantly. They aren’t offering anything new, in fact they have many of the typical cliché pop-punk parts, but that’s why I like them. Pop punk just has something about it that I will always enjoy and these guys hit the nail on the head. I’m honestly a bit surprised no Christian label has attempted to pick these guys up. They would undoubtedly do well. They have a bunch of potential hit singles on the disc. The first track “Write My Story” is one of those except for one portion which I suppose would be the bridge. That section didn’t seem to fit at all. Anyways, the song is extremely catchy and has everything you need for a pop-punk hit. “I Wanna Go” is yet another potential crowd favorite. It’s the typical girl song that all bands in this genre produce. It has some good harmonization and good songwriting with a big, bouncy chorus. “Please Don’t Change” is a bit heavier and faster than the first 3 tracks and is one of my favorites. This band has listened to everything I used to listen to as a kid and took very good notes. In fact after listening to this album it almost seems they picked my brain to find out what I liked and then presented them back to me. “Love You More” is the ballad and here the vocals sound quite a bit like Simple Plan. Hopefully the band gets out there more because they could definitely get a deal if they wanted one. My only true complaint is that I’d like to see more fast-paced songs. If they had a few of those in the mix I would have given this at least a 9 but perhaps a 10.

Overall Rating: Sure they have some weaker points that a good producer/writer could help them out with but they have a pretty solid base to start with and have a great deal of potential. Do yourself a favor and check them out and be careful not to get too hooked! As we all know pop-punk is addictive!(8/10)

Standout Tracks: “Please Don’t Change”, “Write My Story”, “Open Season”

Audio Frenzy

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