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After The Tragedy - The Beautiful Brand New

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Artist:After the Tragedy
Album Title: The Beautiful Brand New
Label: Self-Released
Reviewed by:Ry

From out of the southern state of Arkansas which is the stomping grounds of prolific bands such as Spoken and Living Sacrafice comes this new force in hard rock/post hardcore known as After The Tragedy. ATT has a lot to offer with this cd being their independent debut. Instead of walking down roads that have already benn tread ATT(i really feel like making a phone company joke right now…) would rather just rock out and find their own spot in the music scene. Their individuality and intensity in their style will get them noticed quickly as their song “The Soul Burns The Body Decays Pt. 1 is featured on the AMPED 3 snowboarding game for the XBOX 360 shows this band is already being picked up by a main stream audience. Similar influences of them would most likely be At the Drive In or Spoken but like I said earlier they’d much rather take us down their own path.

Launching with The track “The Soul Burns the Body Decays Pt. 1” on The beautiful brand new was a smart move for the band to take. it kicks off this cd very suddenly and launches you into their own world. This song and this cd as whole lyrically and musically is comparitive to one’s search for a true faith and a true meaning in life and it ends in the words “God help me.”. this is really apparent on the album’s song 3 ”
A Castaway” in which vocalist Joel utters “I broke away, I swam for days, a castaway, yeah, Im giving up, I give to you everything that I’ve persued, you lift me up, your word is love, a song is not enough. Statements like this one speak out out loud and clear on this release. Each song on this album is invidual in its own way with some being lead into by strumming soft intros and some being started off by good ol’ rock guitars blaring. The emotion on this 9 track cd never dies from start to finish. The cd ends in the song “Roses in the Fence” which is an ode to the being on the road and playing for fans that come to the shows everynight. The song ends in shouted gang vocals and is a true testament to rock n’ roll.

The musicianship of After the Tragedy really shows through well in these songs with very intricate guitar riffs, a heavy bass section and lots technical drumming also. The vocals are most often sung but sometimes screamed to display the emotion that they are going though with the song. Theres not a single bad track on this alnum though some tracks almost seem like filler at times and sometimes they stick too long with a progression. Other than that this is a really solid debut for them and leaves me with what they have to offer us in years to come.

Overall Score/Recommendation: 8 out of 10, This CD shows lots of promise from this band and breaks away from the current genre trends.

please check out this bands myspace and purevolume pages………..

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