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Addison - Gas Money EP

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Band: Addison
Album: Gas Money EP
Label: unsigned
Release Date: July 2011

Track Listing

  1. Soundtrack
  2. Hello/Goodbye
  3. Oceans


Addison is a 4-piece alternative pop-punk band out of Virginia Beach. Their 3-song EP is titled Gas Money, and it will have to sell a ton of units at $2 apiece to live up to it’s name. Not to be confused with the metalcore band formerly of the same name, Addison’s pop-punk style is reminiscent of Chesire Cat-era Blink-182 or early Millencolin with its melodic vocals and bopping punk vibe, nothing is too urgent or overly-fast.

The opening track “Soundtrack” sounds very much like Blink’s “Dammit” during the verses but once the song gets into the chorus and core of the song it really stands apart. A catchy chorus and lead lines from the guitar show the band’s quality and ability to put together a fun song. The second track “Hello/Goodbye” is the best song on the EP. The well-constructed song includes a half-time chorus that is rocking, some straight-up punky guitar work and a fun chorus to sing along to “Hello goodbye, this will be the last time i ever get to hold you tight…. Just remember you’re not alone tonight.” All of the songs on the EP appear to be about relationships and the ups and downs. The last track, “Oceans” is a more restrained track, slowed-down and with a more serious tone. The track shows some of the diversity that Addison is capable of; with solid vocals and some solid bass work to give the song some understated melody lines.

OVERALL Addison’s Gas Money EP is solid work from an unsigned band. The production is good and the music sounds very good. Fans of pop-punk and upbeat alternative should check this little EP out.

RIYL: Blink-182, Millencolin, All Time Low, All At Risk, Alkaline Trio

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