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Abandon Kansas "Minutes" ep

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Band: Abandon Kansas
Title: Minutes ep
Label: None
Review by: Brandon Jones

1. Minutes
2. The Message
3. Eat Em While They’re Blue

An album drenched in melody and wrapped in a sweet melodic bliss. Does that make sense? Uh, well I think so. This album grabs your attention at first beat and doesn’t let go till the last note drops. The lush soft spoken gems speak volumes about passion and the joys of living. Dude, get to the album review! Okay, let’s do this………..

The album begins with the upbeat rocker, “Minutes”. The song shares distinct qualities evident in a few other bands I can name but they offer enough originality to keep them on their own pace. Next up is “The Message” which is a call to seek help above oneself. It begins with the simple voice and piano with the drums, bass, and guitars starting soon after. It’s a somber tune but generates enough interest to keep you awake and dreaming. The final track and closer, “Eat Em While They’re Blue” begins yet again with the piano leading into the hook laden beats. Wow, that was fast…..

In conclusion, while the album is short in length is certainly doesn’t lack intensity. These are fairly upbeat piano rock tunes from a talented up and coming band. In fact, hearing these for the first time, I would assumed that this was a signed band putting out their first album for an unamed Record Label. Though this doesnt carry the record label tag, it certainly carries enough weight to get them that perfect deal out there. These are talented musicians with heart to bring hope. If you dig piano mixed with your rock, you’ll love this. I listen to a lot of music and though some of this music may compare to other artists, it certainly doesnt seek to copy or rip off anyone. They are unique individuals and music that follows suit. Though it’s short, it’s definitely worth picking up!

Score: 8/10

Replay Value: You’ll play it often

For the fan of: Waking Ashland, Jacks Mannequin, Copeland, The Academy Is

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