Album Review :
Abandon - Control

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Artist: Abandon

Album: Control

Label: Forefront Records

Release Date: April 19, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Feel It in Your Heart
  2. Help
  3. Live It Out
  4. SOS
  5. Your Love Goes On
  6. Let Go
  7. New Year’s Day
  8. Talk to Me
  9. Push It Away
  10. Under Fire
  11. Why Does It Take So Long?
  12. Known
  13. Hero

In case you didn’t catch Abandon’s debut full-length, Searchlights, on Forefront back in 2009, it was an introduction to the new wave of modern rock, taking Christian rock and making it look less like DC Talk and more like The Killers. There are elements of both, and their new sophomore record, Control, continues in this path, taking a strong message of the power and reign of God and putting it over guitar-heavy, strong-vocal, danceable modern rock with synth, electro-drums and lots of reverb. These songs are fun and full of energy, and while I hate to make the comparison because they have such similar names, this is what Abandon Kansas would sound like if they listened to less Kings of Leon and more Franz Ferdinand. In fact, “Feel It in Your Heart” is so dancy, the thick synth melody is even reminiscent of MGMT. Unfortunately, it almost goes without saying that this Christian rock record includes a very strong U2 influence, though no matter how overdone this style is these days, it is done pretty well here, at times reminding me Anberlin and other times of John James era Newsboys.

Overall: While these guys obviously grew up listening to DC Talk and the Newsboys, their modern rock tunes are neither dated nor cheesy, showing a much heavier influence of The Killers and others like them. The singer’s voice is somewhere in between Brandon Flowers and Kevin Max, which works well over the loud and powerful guitars. If you’re looking for Christian rock with a little more guts, a little more dance, and a message about our dependence on God, give Abandon’s latest a spin or two. Then, tell us what you think!