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Abandon - Abandon EP

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While this label’s name might not have made much sense at certain points over the past 20 years of Forefront Records existence, Abandon is the type of band that helps this company truly be at the forefront of today’s music. Long time readers of IVM know that I have a big problem with the majority of CCM out there, calling it boring, generic, behind-the-times, cheesy, too safe, narrowly-focused, etc. I’ve torn apart Building 429, had little to say about the mediocrity of Mainstay and Everyday Sunday, and been disappointed by even the great David Crowder Band, one of the most innovative worship artists of our day. So with such an obvious bias against my original musical heritage (my first album was DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak,” afterall), it comes with extra sincerity when I say that Abandon is at the forefront of the current music industry.

For starters, their music is never boring. I can actually listen to this EP four times in a row in my car without having to switch out for something else, which is saying something because for most of the bands listed above, that would mean essentially listening to the same song 20 times in a row. But for Abandon, these five songs are actually five different songs. Not only that, but it isn’t the generic pop-rock sound. These guys crank up the energy, playing and singing loudly, giving it all they’ve got in these five powerful, melodic, and passionate tunes. This is the direction modern rock should be taking, away from the post-grunge sounds of Nickelback and friends, away from the wuss-rock of the bands listed above. Abandon is high-energy and guitar-driven without sounding like a wannabe tough-guy. Their melodic and danceable songs are guided by a strong and clear voice that can still pack a punch while finally forgetting the grinding rasp of Creed’s Scott Stapp.

I want to say it’s The Killers meets U2. Strangely, my band comparisons are actually the ones also written in their bio, although I came up with them all on my own before reading it. Also, these five songs will be included on the bands forthcoming full-length, which by this point is only a month or two away, so I recommend holding out and buying that instead, just so you get the whole package and don’t have to pay twice for the same product. Then again, if you’re not yet convinced at the great qualities of Abandon, go ahead with the EP. It’s a great intro to a great band, as all good EPs should be.

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Artist: Abandon
Album: Abandon EP
Label: Forefront Records
Release Date: July 22, 2008
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

1. Providence
2. Be Alive in Me
3. All Because of You
4. Here Waiting
5. Atmosphere

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