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A Wayward Heart - As Sure As Seasons Change

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Band: A Wayward Heart
Title: As Sure As Seasons Change
Release Date: November 9, 2010
Label: unsigned

1.An Introduction…
3.Another Made Burn
4.The Ocean, The Flame
5.Let Go
6.Sheer Conspiracy
7.There Is A Time

This is the second EP release by unsigned A Wayward Heart, it’s titled As Sure As Seasons Change. This 7-track EP is excellent, featuring an honest indie-rock sound that somewhat resembles emo but without the whining. Every song has an uplifting, energetic feel to it, the music sounds like it was a blast to write and play.

The intro track coincides with the closing track “There Is A Time”, which is a cover of The Dillards, an American bluegrass band from the 60’s. After the intro the band blasts into “Apparition” which moves along at an upbeat pace and I can’t help but think the recording sounds like the band just setup in the living and record the songs live, all instruments at the same time. Personally I love the feel; the sound is not over-produced, over-polished, or auto-tuned. There are flaws in the delivery but they don’t take away from the end-product, they give it character and emotion. “Apparition” is one of the best tracks on As Sure As Seasons Change with its constant changes and great bridge, I love the guitar riffs heading into the last part of the song.

The second full song, “Another Made Burn” only reinforces the idea that the band really enjoyed recording As Sure As Seasons Change by the little outburst in the middle of the track, some shouts of joy from the band. “Sheer Conspiracy” is the other standout track with a super catchy chorus that sticks in your head long after listening.

Spiritual themes are found throughout As Sure As Seasons Change. Lyrically the songs talk about relationships and Biblical ideas like not holding on too tightly to worldly things like in the track “Another Made Burn”. The lyrics to the bridge are poetic; “Why the flame burns. Why my mind wanders and bites the curb. Why my soul can’t discern. Why my prodigal heart always returns to the One who should matter most.” These lyrics are delivered with honesty and emotion.

OVERALL I really enjoyed As Sure As Seasons Change, all of the songs are strong and there’s a good flow to the EP. Fans of music that is emotional and passionate yet not whiny will receive As Sure As Seasons Change as a breath of fresh air. A Wayward Heart has shown that they are capable of writing some great indie-rock songs that any listener will appreciate. I recommend checking these guys out.

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