Who Would You Pick To Reunite For A Show?

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With Furnace Fest stacking their lineup with a strong number of defunct bands reuniting to perform, it brings to mind the question; if you could pick ONE band to reunite for a show, who would it be? What song/album of theirs really grabbed you?

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Blaster the Rocketman – The Monster who Ate Jesus


Six Feet Deep – Struggle

Lights for Nero, Pensive, Seasons in the Field, Born Blind, Roadside Monument

I know it will never happen, considering Sean Corbray completely cut himself off from the music scene, but Narrow Scope of Things-era Embodyment.
Or, close to what Seth said, Liberate-era Zao, with Jesse back on drums and backup vocals.

Derek O.

Dead Poetic. For sure.


Dreaming big here — A version of Zao with Shawn on vocals performing All Else Failed

Jeremy Prince

Honestly, With Honor, Stretch and Beloved pretty much covers me!