WhatDrivesTheWeak Reunites and Signs to Sancrosanct Records

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The melodic deathcore band, WhatDrivesTheWeak, has reunited and signed to Sancrosanct Records. The band originally formed in 2008 and put out a full album, Iniquities in 2012. The band went on indefinite hiatus in 2014 and formed Rogue Defector, a progressive deathcore band. The band has reunited and is working on a new material! If this band sounds familiar, it might be because they were apart of the first two Christian Deathcore compilations. Check out their track, “Destroyer”, below!

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1 Comment on "WhatDrivesTheWeak Reunites and Signs to Sancrosanct Records"

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Glad to see this band back! The track rips.