Welcome Makeshift3 to Furnace Fest 2022

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It has just been announced that the band – Makeshift3, have just been added to Furnace Fest 2022 as one of the new headliners. Indie Vision Music will be there to support and share (spam) good music with everyone in attendance. This is such super-secret news that nobody else knows about it yet, but we’ve been given exclusive access to one of the finalized line up sheets that was found in a trash bin outside Furnace Fest HQ. We believe this is the real deal. The band will play on Night 2 alongside Manchester Orchestra, The Ghost Inside, Elliot, Blindside, Poison The Well, etc. Those of you who love Drum Solos and Spam are in for a real treat. The band will be playing their hit album “Fluorescent Black” in it’s entirety with just drum solos only. Check out the flyer below. Hello fans, Are you there? Hello? 🙁

*Disclaimer: This is only done in humor and is not intended as a misleading or slanderous statement toward anyone at Furnace Fest and/or Makeshift3. It’s all in good fun, right?

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May 14, 2022 5:19 am

Forget I said anything.

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