Watashi Wa Keeps Hope Alive on Twitter

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Watashi Wa have begun posting on Twitter quite frequently and it appears as though something new is in the works. The band wants you all to follow them so that they can release new music. Come on, you can do it. 2001 marks the 20th anniversary of their break through indie hit, “What’s In The Way”, which dropped on Bettie Rocket Records. The album took the band in a new direction and offered a glimpse of what would come on their major (indie) label debut with Tooth & Nail Records in 2003. The band has remained critics darlings for much of the past 20+ years with many fans following lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter – Seth Roberts into his next project, Lakes/Eager Seas. The band has hinted that there is an unreleased EP of tunes that was recorded between What’s In The Way and The Love Of Life and I would LOVE to see the band release those songs. Anyway, follow these guys now!

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Brandon the John Ivy
Brandon the John Ivy
March 12, 2021 10:04 am

They should get on Gab 🙂

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