UnTeachers: A Solo Project Once Again; Possible Tantrum of the Muse Reunion

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The Sludge metal band, UnTeachers is down to just Stephen Sarro once again, for the first time since 2011. Sarro has had a reoccurring number of friends and musicians, including his cousin, Travis Turner, ex-Aletheian and host of the As The Story Grows, ex-Tantrum of the Muse Keyboardist Seth Luzier, and ex-Good Clean Fun drummer Thom Lambert. The most recent lineup was was Sarro, Turner and Bassist Josh Kale, until Sarro made a post.

If anybody is wondering about the status/future of Unteachers…
I write. I do all of the leg work. I have no teamwork. No actual functioning band. I did. They disappeared. They are busy too. Nobody is going out of the way to do anything.
So, I write songs. I plan things. I work completely solo. Unteachers, by default, is a solo effort. I made a lot of sacrifices (of what was actually right) to create the illusion of this being a “band” but it is not a band.

He also answered a FAQ from fans of Sarro’s former band, Tantrum of the Muse, which including ex-the Huntingtons drummer Rick Wise and Hand of Fire member Jim Settle.

People ask me if TOTM will ever do anything again. Yes, sure. Whenever the other guys are ready, i will be here. I am friends with those guys, they are still my brothers. If either of those guys wanted to reunite for a single show or several shows and a record, I’m on board. I don’t care. Its just creating and having fun. I’m ready to work.

Who knows what the future holds? Possibly a Tantrum of the Muse reunion. Read the full post here.

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