These 5 Down New Album Update

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After a long absence, These 5 Down have returned, bringing their style of hard rock back to the masses with a new album titled, “The 2nd Coming”. The first single off the album, “Coming of the Son” is available now and you can check out a brief clip of it below.

So, the way the new album from These 5 Down will be released is as follows: one track per month up til October (maybe more on occasion), when the full album will be set up for purchased as a whole. So you can accumulate the album as the year progresses, and have the whole thing digital when all is said and done, you can wait until then and get the digital all at once (if you’ve got that kind of self control, God bless you, I don’t), and lastly, in Oct it will be all packaged together for cd sales and such. This is all based on an exchange I had with someone from the band on Facebook to get some info to post here.

To stay up to date, get the full single that’s out now (so worth it), and/or get your paws on some merch, head over to the bands website at And while you’re there, be sure to sign up for the email list to get the most up to date info as it happens.


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