Teddy at Night Releases Brand New Song, "Happiness"

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The artist “Teddy at Night” which is actually Teddy Boldt former drummer of bands like Wavorly, Family Force 5, and For King & Country, has dropped 3 new songs in 2020 and they are a beautiful representation of a talented solo artist trying to convey inner emotion. This synth driven, newwave like 80’s revival project is actually really good. Not everyone will dig it but those that do know what’s up. Check out the new song, “Happiness”, below along with a music video for the song “Not Who I’m Not Anymore” and the previous track “Little Ones”, below. You can find these 3 songs on all digital networks. For a sound comparison if you’re searching for one, imagine Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, New Order, meeting up with Walk The Moon, Gotye, Bastille, and Capital Cities in a massive arena and you’ll get the feeling for where this project is heading.

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