Song of the Day: Writz - Night Nurse

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Another great example of early Christian punk/post-punk/new wave from the UK is Writz. They released one album in 1979 that would rival anything from the early CBGB’s scene, or even the stuff coming out of London or Manchester at the time. The band would later morph into the alter-egos of Techno Twins, The Techno Orchestra and the Technos, all of which pursued a sophisticated synth-pop sound. For my money though, Writz is where it’s at.

Check out “Night Nurse” here. The song can often be found on 7″ for a reasonable price via online sales venues.

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Tim Morse
Tim Morse
January 24, 2020 8:24 am

Did you know that before Writz, members Steve Fairnie & Steve Rowles released two albums under the band name Fish Co., one in 1977 (Can’t Be Bad) and one in 1978 (Beneath the Laughter). These releases were more folk based pop like much of Jesus Music at the time. But some of the song titles on those albums hint at their alternative bent that would come in 1979. Examples include ‘Soup & Whiskey’, ‘Jimmy Bootlace Seller’, ‘Miss Esther Llauden’, and ‘Super Heroes’.

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