Song of the Day: The Virgin Birth - Empires of Excrement

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Remember when hardcore was still exciting? Fast loud rules! While hardcore can still be interesting, I find the monotony of some in the genre to be irritating. Here’s the formula: melodic leads, heavy use of breakdowns, some clean singing somewhere, and just enough tempo changes to give the appearance of being innovative.

Okay, I’ll stop. I sound as old and jaded as I actually am. I still love the heavy music scene, and hardcore in particular. I just hate the fact that it’s getting harder and harder to tell the bands apart from one another (especially metalcore and deathcore). They all sound the same. And you know what? I’m going to say something really controversial here and many of you won’t like me for this. I know what killed hardcore. Breakdowns . . . Or at least the overuse of them. I love a good mosh pit as much as the next guy but there are only so many ways you can recycle that same repetitive open-string, palm-muted riff.

Enter The Virgin Birth. Purely hardcore in every way. Loud, fast, and aggressive, with enough tempo changes to make even thrash metal fans envious. Sure there are breakdowns occasionally, but they’re used sparingly, and they’re unique. And tempo? This band approaches grindcore or powerviolence speeds at times without falling into the trappings of either of those genres, where speed is the only weapon in their arsenal.

I can’t say enough positive things about this Virginia band, or their label home Blood & Ink Records. Heck, even the band name says a lot: affirmation of a historic Christian doctrine, and an affirmation of the scandal of Christianity–God taking human form through a miraculous conception! Yes please, sign me up for all of that.

Check out “Empires of Excrement” from their B&I released album Perpetual Sorrow and consider supporting the band by ordering here:

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