Song of the Day: The Innocence Mission - Lakes of Canada

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If you asked me to name the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard, there would be a lot of contenders, but this one would certainly be up there. Haunting melodies (courtesy of Karen Peris), cryptic lyrics that hint at familial pain of some sort, topped off with Don Peris’s intricate acoustic guitar work and some incredible harmonies as well. It’s hard not to be moved by music this gorgeous. Check out the original version here:

The band reworked the song last year. Listen to that version here:

And finally, another favorite artist of mine, Sufjan Stevens did an impromptu cover of the song while on a rooftop, accompanied only by his banjo:

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Graham Wall
January 17, 2020 10:17 am

Good song, Loyd! Hadn’t heard of this band before, but listening to this song makes me feel more Canadian. 🙂

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