Song of the Day: The Bubblebaby Experience - The Big Blue

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I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t know a lot about electronica. As much as I love genre-fying musical artists and trying to pinpoint them within their style or scene, I just can’t get my heard around the hundreds of subgenres of electronic dance music. I was never one for going to nightclubs (where the genres and all its cognates developed), and the scene is just too huge to know thoroughly without being immersed in it.

However, I do know what I like, and occasionally an artist or album comes along that just sounds good. The Bubblebaby Experience was a bit mysterious–was it the artist name or simply the album title? Or both? We do know that the project was brought to us by the same folks behind Virus. And yet Bubblebaby has a different feel that that project. Whereas Virus was a bit more hardcore, TBE dabbled in ambient techno and other mellower forms of electronica.

But all that aside, this album is just great. Although it’s clearly meant for the dance floor, it’s also very listenable for those of us who are rhythmically challenged. I used to have a cassette of this that I would play on long drives late at night to help keep me awake. Fortunately, you can still find physical copies of the album from time to time on selling sites, but the whole album is also available to stream on YouTube and other platforms. Check out “The Big Blue” here.

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April 30, 2021 12:31 pm

Man! I loved this album growing up! And I was literally planning on throwing on Virus’ double album Odd in just a second. Crazy!

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