Song of the Day: Rusty Shipp - Man Myth Legend

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Rusty Shipp is modern rock w/ a grunge influence whose lyrics & song titles are nautical in nature & hence created the Nautical Rock & Roll genre!. They have a few albums under their belt already & their name is a play on their vocalist’s actual name. Anyways, this one is my fave one from them off their latest record. Be looking for a forthcoming interview I will be doing with them here shortly.



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Hal Atosis
Hal Atosis
August 23, 2022 9:55 am

also a good guy, i preordered his new album (so i have it digitally, waiting on the cd to be pressed) and moved after preordering it. he’s been really communicative with me through the whole change of address process and everything.

Hal Atosis
Hal Atosis
August 25, 2022 7:29 am
Reply to  timothy

i havent yet seen him live (other than contagionfest) but hope to one day.

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