Song of the Day: Roadside Monument - On Molasses Lake

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Emo seems to be a genre that people either love or hate. Heck, even most of the bands who played in the genre didn’t want to be associated with the name for one reason or another. While Roadside Monument toyed around with various genres like indie rock (Beside This Brief Hexagonal), math rock (I Am the Day of Current Taste), and fusions of the two (Eight Hours Away from Becoming a Man), they also stayed just close enough to the emo genre to never fully break free from the tag.

Which is just as well considering they wrote one of the best emo songs of all time in “On Molasses Lake.” The song features on one of two split CDs the band released–this one with alternative rock band Puller. The song title conjures images of canoeing or rowing, perhaps at summer camp, with friends talking about life and values. I don’t know what happened on that lake, but the passion that the experience yielded, culminating in the cry “May we not be forgotten!” couldn’t be described as anything other than transformative.

The thought resonates deeply with me. In an age where fads and trends come and go almost weekly, there is something to be said for staying power. Making an impact. Indeed–may we not be forgotten!

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Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams
December 9, 2021 6:54 am

This is lovely!
Very surprised how much the members were never satisfied and always strived to push past comfort.

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