Song of the Day: Rage of Angels - Don't Give Up

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Glam metal gets a bad rap. Especially in punk/indie/hardcore circles. Except for the occasional semi-ironic nod to the genre, it doesn’t get much love outside of 40- and 50-something dads who like to show off old photos of their teenage mullets. Whether the cheesyness or the sleaziness is to blame, folks seem to have a love-hate relationship with it.

Occasionally, however, there are some real gems. Rage of Angels released one fantastic album in 1989 through Regency Records. Shortly thereafter, the Connecticut-based band split up, leaving 2 members to join the newly-formed mainstream pop metal outfit Steelheart, who had huge radio hits with “She’s Gone” and “I’ll Never Let You Go.”

But in all honesty, Rage of Angels were the much better band. They rocked harder and had better, more compelling songs. Just listen to the twin guitar attack on “Do You Still Believe in Love” or here on our selection, “Don’t Give Up.” Lyrically, this track also gives a much-needed boost to continue going forward and staying positive for 2021.

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