Song of the Day: Jetenderpaul - Don't Look Down

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Lo-fi indie rockers, hailing from Kansas, Jetenderpaul were delightfully weird. They simultaneously embodied the avant-garde and pop music, writing short, melodious ditties that would never be on radio even though they should be. I was a huge fan of Velvet Blue Music in the 90s and picked up this EP on a whim, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although there really was nothing else like it in the Christian scene, the band’s work often appeals to fans of material from Danielson Famile and Havalina Rail Co. to Soul-Junk and Pony Express. Secular points of reference include Guided by Voices and Beat Happening.

Check out “Don’t Look Down” here:

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September 8, 2020 1:06 pm

This may be my new favorite band right now! Really been needing something to fill that Dismemberment Plan void.

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