Song of the Day: Deitiphobia - Attack the City Walls

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While metallic industrial became the dominant form of industrial music in the mid 90s and beyond, it was the dancier stuff that held my attention better. I liked the heavier stuff too (Circle of Dust, Mortal, Generation) because it gave a new spin on metal, but after the while the genre seemed to blend into one. Industrial-dance, or electro as it’s sometimes called (not to be confused with the hip-hop/funk genre from the 1980s) combined harsh vocals and samples with danceable beats into something altogether different. Deitiphobia was probably the best of the genre, and it didn’t hurt that they were one of the few Christian bands in the style. While they clearly had a fondness for secular stalwarts like Front 242, their use of bold, biblical lyrics combined with catchy beats and a harsh/dark element made them stand out from the pack.

My choice of songs in “Attack the City Walls” is an ode to spiritual warfare (and not to a certain group of protesters in Michigan, haha!)


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May 1, 2020 4:47 pm

I bought their cassette under their original name ‘Donderfliegen’. Still have it. Love what Flaming Fish did with their Blonde Vinyl releases as well! Saw ’em play the new band stage C-stone ’90 and one other year too! Even had the ‘Digital Priests’ T-shirt!

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