Song of the Day: Crowd Control - There Are Houses

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Over the past 2-3 years, I’ve been discovering a bunch of old Christian punk, post-punk, and new wave that I didn’t know existed. One of the best examples is a short-lived band from the south coast of England called Crowd Control. I only know of one track they recorded, which can be found on the excellent “Shots in the Dark” compilation. The album features other UK-based punk, new wave, and ska tracks. “There are Houses” is brilliant. It’s dark, brooding, true post-punk with enough keyboards to keep things interesting. It brings to mind Gang of Four and perhaps some later 999 stuff. Shots in the Dark is only available on 12″ vinyl, or via digital download if you’re lucky enough to find someone who has the files. Either way, it’s worth tracking down if you can find it.

Listen to the track here:

There’s a very rough live version (from 1982) here:

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