Song of the Day: Creed - Meet Again (no, not THAT Creed)

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Long before Scott Stapp was crooning about going higher and breaking out of his own prison, there was this Creed, a traditional heavy metal band from Germany. The band released only one full-length album through Pias Music in Europe (and Pure Metal in North America), after releasing an obscure EP. The band played an intensely melodic brand of heavy metal without ever crossing into glam. And although a couple of the tracks approached breakneck speeds, they weren’t speed metal either.

This style of metal was prominent in continental Europe at the time, but never garnered a major audience in the United States beyond the mid 80s. Nonetheless, the hard to find album Sign of Victory remains a favorite among critics and Christian metal collectors alike.

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February 19, 2021 9:00 pm

Yeah ! Another great surprise that Lloyd pulled this out from the endless vault of hidden gems in christian music. I had seen Creed several times live back in the late eighties / early nineties. And also had the album on cassette, which I unfortunately lost later. Now I am yearning for finding another copy on CD. Hopefully there will be a re-release one day.

BTW: the company that released the album in Europe in 1990 was called “Pila” (Latin for “ball”). I know them, as they are located in my area and now firming under “SCM”.

Greetings from Germany…Simon

February 19, 2021 2:28 pm

I’ve got this album on CD. Not a bad album at all. Meet Again is one of my favorites.

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