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In the mid- to late-90s when all of the other Christian hardcore bands were doing new school/chugga chugga style hardcore with increasingly metallic influences, Bakersfield’s Chasm were drawing on earlier inspiration. These influences came mostly from the 80s British hardcore punk/d-beat sound (Discharge, Conflict, etc.), although somewhat ironically this track has elements of early black metal in the guitar riffs (a la Venom or Bathory). Nonetheless it’s still filtered through a hardcore punk sound.

The band released one 7″ (Squander, Squander the Bright New Dawn) and one full-length (Gye Nyame, from whence our featured song is taken). The full-length came later and is heavier and more aggressive than the EP, but both are worth seeking out if you can find them. It’s sad they only released these two collections as they provided a unique take on Christian hardcore, and pre-empted the JCHC movement which hit a few short years later.

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Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
April 9, 2021 5:28 pm

Anotha great band gone 2 soon.

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