Song of the Day: Champion Birdwatchers - Resolution . . . in C

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So, it’s New Year’s Day. 2020 is a recently faded memory, but with the obvious enduring repercussions. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Or affirmations, or commitments, or whatever else people are calling them nowadays? My wife (who is an artist) loves the New Year holiday. She sees it as a blank slate. A new chance to start over. Erase all the marks from the chalkboard (remember those?) or the whiteboard, or your Zoom screen and go again, taking all you’ve learned to try and do it better next time.

I think she’s right. Don’t we all need a chance to start over? I know many of us would like to erase 2020 altogether. We’ve had to take Dismissed’s advice and “take the good with the bad.” Every year I like to pray and renew my commitment to the Lord, asking Him to lead me wherever He wishes. That’s my prayer again this year.

I can find few lyrics more fitting than these:

Immanuel, the sunrise
I shall wait for you
Immanuel, my love,
compose thy horizon and bring me
into view
Bring me in to view

Champion Birdwatchers never got the following they deserved. Emotional indie rock with hints of folk, emo, and avant garde, with spoken word, auxiliary percussion and strings all in tow. Enjoy this track, and maybe make it your prayer for 2021 too!

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