Song of the Day: Altar Boys - You Are Loved

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is one of the greatest songs our scene has ever produced! It gets straight to the heart of what it’s all about: “Hey I’m talkin’ to you/Yeah, I’m trying to get through/God cares about you more than think . . . You are loved! You are loved!”

It was the first song I ever heard from the Altar Boys, in the late 80s. Ironically, it was on a metal compilation where I first heard them. Though the song is nowhere near metal, it has that late 80s post-punk/power pop sound from SoCal that has loads of energy. Altar Boys would go on to influence scores of other bands including none other than MxPx, who covered another one of their songs on their “On the Cover” release.

Click here to listen:
Altar Boys – You Are Loved

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Mark K
Mark K
July 30, 2019 5:28 pm

Love the Altar Boys! It’s a decent opening track for me musically but I agree on the message. Such a great way to speak to your audience right from song 1. The Altar Boys nailed that side of what they did with relevant but not cheesy (as they went along this got better), honest and straightforward lyricism. For me I’ve always enjoyed the songs with more edge. So, for Altar Boys my absolute favorites are “When You’re A Rebel” & “Hearts Lost In Nowhere.” Absolute classic tracks! So on Gut Level music my favorites are I Question It, I’m Not… Read more »

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