Song of the Day: Advent Birmingham - Skin and Soul (feat. Annie Lee)

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Whose mark is this?
It is divine.
Imprinting every part of flesh and mind.
I see the Father’s semblance
In the peoples, pole to pole;
His image on our skin and in our soul.

Whose scar is this?
Yes, it is mine.
Imprinted on my neighbor over time.
Ignoring Father’s semblance
As the tides of history roll,
I hurt my neighbor’s skin, I hurt his soul.

Have mercy, have mercy.
Have mercy on our skin and on our soul.

Whose fault is this?
I must confess:
The problem with the world is in my breast.
The sickness has invaded me,
And death will be its toll:
The plague is in my skin and in my soul.

Whose love is this?
It’s from above.
You took my fractured hate, exchanged for love.
My rage was nailed into your flesh;
As you released control.
My hate drove through your skin, you gave your soul.

Hallelujah, hallelujah.
Have mercy on our skin and on our soul.

Whose hope is this?
Yes, it is ours!
For from the cross, a Pentecostal power.
The Spirit comes to breathe new life,
To heal and to console,
To every kind of skin and kind of soul.

Whose day is this?
The Day of Christ.
The promised end, when justice swallows strife.
When meekness conquers violent fear,
As prophets long foretold.
And peace will fill our skin and soothe our soul.

Come, Lord Jesus; come, Lord Jesus;
Have mercy on our skin and on our soul.
Oooh, oooh
Have mercy on our skin and on our soul.

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