The Somber Timbre of Map Is Back

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Fans of slightly upbeat California alt-rock can rejoice as Josh Dooley is resurrecting his long time project Map. A product of the early aughts, Map has long held a special place in the heart of the Velvet Blue Music catalog. Now, your life’s strings can be plucked again by the man who truly values life itself.

The last time that Map was heard on the audial landscape was in Speechless, their 2009 album. Following that, Josh took a break from new music until 2014 when he relocated to Los Angeles and began to work on new tunes. Unfortunately, at that time, VBM reports that he “…contracted the rare West Nile Virus which at one point had him paralyzed from the neck down, and he spent 5 weeks hospitalized.”

Now feeling revived and re-focused, Josh is moving forward with a new release in 2017. Expect the same moving melodies in the vein of Starflyer 59’s second phase and that lush California vibe that only Map can bring. Keep an eye out for this eagerly awaited EP. It will consist of 5 new tracks and be released in June.

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