Author: Adam Briggs

February 7, 2017

Going Deeper With Kekal

Long time experimental and avant garde metal artists Kekal have launched upon us “Root of All Evil” as a free download. With a hefty 6:27 track time, this is showing us promise that their next album in 2018 will continue to blow us away with more innovation and creativity we’ve come to expect from this unique outfit. The album is entitled “Deeper Underground” and I personally can’t wait to hear more. Listen below and share your comments.… Continued →

February 6, 2017

A Sprinkle of This, a Sprinkle of That

Not a year goes by where we are not amazed at art the Sprinkle brothers put out. This year will be no exception as Aaron Sprinkle releases his new album on Tooth & Nail Records. Entitled “Real Life”, it endeavors to be a heartfelt bid to the past while looking forward to the future by calling out to the hopes and dreams in all of us. A featured track of “Invincible” (featuring the always amazing Elle Puckett from Poema) is a nice blend of modern pop and shaded electronica, and it can be heard below.… Continued →

That Signum Regis EP is now a full length album

In September of 2016, power metal band Signum Regis announced they would be releasing an EP this year. Well, they were in such a groove recording those initial 7 tracks that they decided not to ruin the mood and moved forward to make a full album. They’ve entered the studio and recorded 3 more songs to bring it to a total of 10 tracks clocking in at 46 minutes. This will be their 5th album overall. It is titled Decennium Primum and it will be released on March 17.… Continued →

February 5, 2017

February 4, 2017

Set your GPS for directions to Memory Ln.

Newly established VCR (Vintage Christian Recordings) has begun work on a massive project where they are digitizing VHS tapes from the 1990s. Having recently purchased over 250 of them from a private seller, they are now painstakingly transferring these to hard drive and then uploading to YouTube. Included are performances from legends of Christian rock and metal including Living Sacrifice, The Crucified, Sacred Warrior, Mortification, and more. The timing of these uploads is fantastic as many of these bands are reviving their projects and putting out new works.… Continued →

The Somber Timbre of Map Is Back

Fans of slightly upbeat California alt-rock can rejoice as Josh Dooley is resurrecting his long time project Map. A product of the early aughts, Map has long held a special place in the heart of the Velvet Blue Music catalog. Now, your life’s strings can be plucked again by the man who truly values life itself. The last time that Map was heard on the audial landscape was in Speechless, their 2009 album. Following that, Josh took a break from new music until 2014 when he relocated to Los Angeles and began to work on new tunes.… Continued →