Sleeping Giant Farewell Documentary That You All Need to See

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The Sleeping Giant documentary is equal parts joy and sadness. You feel uplifted by the band’s message and testimony but a bit of sadness overwhelms when the realization sets in that this is the band’s swan song. It’s a great piece of work and a fitting reminder of the power of heavy music on the masses. This band may not have been a worldwide mainstream success story like say Imagine Dragons or Cardi B (barf) but none of that mattered when you saw the band’s overall message of love and hope for a lost world. What these gentlemen accomplished in the past decade was nothing short of extraordinary. While their brand of “Preach Core” seemed to rise with their live shows and recorded efforts, it is not lost on their farewell. They have inspired a new generation of bands to pick up their guitars, bass, drums, and mics to carry on the banner of spirit filled hardcore or what they define as “Preach Core”. If you’re reading this and snickering with your cynicism just understand that it’s not easy to go out in the world of popular music and carry the Cross for everyone to witness. It is our mission as believers but it isn’t always easy or acceptable to share that message with a crowd of people not always open to it. So I’ll now step off my pedestal and let you know that I share their sentiments. At 40, I have no worry about what people think and have nothing to lose in sharing the hope of Christ through music. Say what you will about these bands, these hardcore ministers, the Truth is clear – lay it all on the line and become fishers of men. [End rant] Watch the documentary below in case you haven’t seen it yet. I want to give credit to Facedown Records too since they found this band and continued to support them over the years. This label has been around 20+ years and don’t always get a fair amount of credit for what they’ve done and accomplished. As a label they’ve always stayed true to who they are and what they believe as a collective group of individuals. Thank you Facedown, thank you Sleeping Giant. Farewell indeed.

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