Return of The Nate Parrish (in 2022)

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Just like that fabulous 1983 Star Wars sequel that people pretend not to enjoy because of a cute bundle of Ewoks, Nate Parrish will return but without cuddly little ewoks of course, in fact I don’t think there are any real Star Wars parallels to be drawn. I mean he is a wreck in the most loving reference but space action is kind not punk rock, or is it? Anyway, in 2022 Nate is returning with some of his best music yet. He was gracious enough to let me listen to a couple unmixed/unmastered songs and from what I heard, my fandom has increased by more than 1% (which is quite telling because it was already at 99.99 %). When I say “more of the same” I mean it with sincere admiration for the work he does. This is literally more of the same GREAT music you’ve come to appreciate and that he’s taken through the same great he carved out with “I’m a Wreck” nearly 2 years ago. This isn’t some mind (spoon) bending, multi-verse of quantum entanglement (what?) in the form of “progressive music”, this is freakin’ PUNK ROCK and it’s going to rule your world, because you know everybody wants to. If you haven’t given Nate Parrish a listen, seriously drop the egg nog sippin’, gift wrapping, cozy slipper wearing, fireplace gazing, Christmas pre-food-coma entitlement, then pull up your digital streaming service of choice while casting off the Mariahs, Relient Ks, Dustin Kensrues, For King & Countries, etcs and just slip into that punk rock daze. I can’t be wrong, in fact, I know I’m not! Merry (early) Christmas to you all and thank you for supporting Indie Vision Music for our 21st year. I look forward to serving you with positive, uplifting, and weird indie music news on into 2022. To infinity and beyond! Where we’re going, we don’t need roads! Peace out Goonies, may stay young forever in your hearts and minds. xoxo Brandon Jones / Indie Vision Music.

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