R.I.P. Randy Layton

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With only 6 months into 2024, it’s already been a tough year for Christian alternative music fans. Joining Brian Quincy Newcomb, Michael Knott and Ezekiel Vade in the heavenly throng is indie champion, journalist and label owner Randy Layton.

Randy was the founder and owner of Alternative Records, who put out releases by the Seventy Sevens, Steve Scott, Robert Vaughn and the Shadows, and 2 Pound Planet, in addition to releasing very influential compilations, featuring music by the above artists plus Daniel Amos, Scratch Band (pre-Seventy Sevens), and others. Those who knew Randy were inspired for his passion for music, as well as his love for his family.

Layton had suffered from multiple myeloma for 8 years, but due to early detection had survived the terminal disease longer than expected. It was clear from his recent posts on social media that he knew his time was coming and his end was near. Although he was in deep pain, he seemed to be at peace.

His son Matt wrote a poignant eulogy on his father’s Facebook page, which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159407454206157&id=730471156&rdid=yU5ervBbcc0x1Uas

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