PURGE - Never Let This Go ft. Deiv (Official Music Video)

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Check out this new song titled “Never Let This Go” from PURGE featuring the artist known now as “Deiv” (formerly Davii). It’s a powerful song and video.

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4 Comments on "PURGE - Never Let This Go ft. Deiv (Official Music Video)"

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PP Ferland

Sick song !


Love the song, the video is great, but I was really thrown off by an actual band playing instruments, I can’t say I heard any of that in the song haha


Thank you for the kind words. The band is part of the story and not a performance of the song, we did keep it the same tempo and what not so it would flow with the song. The video tells a story of how a band got together and their different backgrounds.


Thanks for commenting, I appreciate knowing more of the backstory on this!