One Thousand Risks, a Book By Author Chad Johnson, Now Available!

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Chad Johnson has been responsible for discovering so many wonderful bands/artists from his times at his own self-run record label Takehold Records all the way up to his time as A&R Director at one of the biggest independent labels of our time, Tooth & Nail Records (along with Solid State, and BEC). Not only that but Chad took a huge risk and started a ministry called “Come and Live” which has been instrumental in helping to share the love of Christ with people all across the world. This book is all about taking risks, especially as a Christian and to see where God leads you. Check out more information regarding Chad’s new book right here. The book is available on both Paperback and Hardcover from Amazon.

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4 Comments on "One Thousand Risks, a Book By Author Chad Johnson, Now Available!"

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Good dude. But man the email spams. I supported C&L back in the day and have had my email passed around so I get stuff almost everyday :/

“both Paperback and Hardcore”- lol, nice.


Thanks for posting this Brandon. I was ordering some rare shirts and CDs from his distro slacker 66 which was pre takehold. We’ve kept in contact ever since. Chad is a genuine guy with a heart of gold and he has a huge love for the Lord