Oh Sleeper (Re)Join Solid State?

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Solid State Records posted a video (turn up the volume) on their Facebook page with the headline “Oh, Sleeper 11.30.18” which I assume means new album news/single dropping in just a few days. Check out the video below. Anyone here excited for the return of Oh, Sleeper? Please excuse the old image of Oh, Sleeper, it’s the only one we have.

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Really excited for this, I still play Children of Fire regularly, very curious to see what they do after being absent like they have.

Gotta admit…I always found this band rather lackluster. Every minute of their music sounds the same to me.

Nice! Downvote city!


I’m am VERY excited for this! I live in the Dallas area and have seen them 4 times over the past few years. They are so great live.

Derek O.

This was confirmed on the Bad Christian podcast a few weeks ago.