Nodes of Ranvier Lineup for Facedown Fest 2017

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So everyone is excited for Facedown Fest 2017 because of the 20th anniversary. Many bands are coming back out of retirement including A Plea for Purging, Bloodlined Calligraphy and Nodes of Ranvier. We can deduce what the Plea lineup will be and I already gave the BC lineup. Graham asked what the Nodes lineup would be. So here it is:

  • Jon Parker – Guitar
  • Ryan Knutson – Drums, Vocals
  • Kyle Benecke – Vocals
  • Scott McGuire – Bass
  • Sheldon Swan – Guitar

Thanks to Jon for sending me this! Much appreciated. Facedown Fest is from May 11-13 in California. Tickets available here.

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2 Comments on "Nodes of Ranvier Lineup for Facedown Fest 2017"

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Thanks for posting this, Mason! I hope there will be videos of them playing this year. Any Nodes is great.


This is March in Arms with Kyle as the vocalist. Hmm I would have to say I shouldn’t be disappointed because Nodes is playing, but I guess I was hoping for Thomas or Nick to come back. Thanks Mason for the heads up.