New White Collar Sideshow Song/Video!

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When I tap out news blurbs here, I try to do 2 things; not interject my own personal opinions and I try and keep them short and to the point. Here, I will fail on both counts. White Collar Sideshow, to the uninitiated, is a band that relies heavily on more than just sound, but also on sight and story and they’re really big on symbolism. I’ve had the honor and privilege of knowing these fine folks both through their art as well as on a personal level, albeit, it’s been a while now since we last spoke or saw each other. Nevertheless, not only has their art always been top notch, but these guys are the real deal. Genuine folks with hearts of gold, and I’m thankful for them.

In the past, their music and shows have been great, but over time you could see growth in what they do and when it comes to this new track that dropped this past week, that growth jumped forward immensely. The song has a hard rock, southern rock, industrial mix all rolled into one here and is just the beginning for this upcoming release of theirs. This new song, “I Didn’t Come Here To Die”, is a real treat all the way around and is the title track for the upcoming concept album, set to drop on 10/3/2019. Check it out below and leave your thoughts. And hey…if you aren’t familiar with them by now, check out their older material. You’re in for a treat.

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