New Music: May 31, 2019

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That Your Hands Write History ep is great stuff. I only wish it was longer.

Phil metalhed

I was wonderin wen sumbody was gona post about new narnia. I tried 2 “submit news” about it weex ago, but aparently dat featur is broken? Mika or brandog, can u confirm dat?

Phil metalhed

Also, i thot sufjan wasnt a believa anymor? Y is he bein coverd here?

Noah Hardwick

Got to be honest, I don’t keep up with Sufjan. I just remembered his last album was reviewed on IVM so I included his new single on the list. I might need to remove it.

Noah Hardwick

On a related note, I’m starting to feel like someone needs to a start a website that covers post-Christian artists.

Phil metalhed

Noa, thanx 4 the clarification. On yur 2nd point, I think sumthin mor along the lines of “wer r they now” wud b cool, ratha than focusin on bakslidas or apostates.

Noah Hardwick

Totally. I didn’t mean we need a website to blackball ex-Christian artists. Quite the opposite, we need a place where fans can continue loving their favorite artists regardless of where their faith is at these days. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about lately. How I wish could rebrand Christian music with the focus on the listener’s faith rather than the artist’s. Call it Christian’s music.

Great points Noah. Obviously Phil is the only one complaining here on IVM 😉😂 We need a special site just for Phil’s acceptance and approval lol. JK Phil, you know you’re always welcome to post here but not everyone share your sentiments