New Music: April 14, 2017

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Christian metalcore act, My Brother’s Keeper also released their “Dreamers of Dreams” EP today. It’s available on their bandcamp page for $5 download or $6 physical copy. FFO: Righteous Vendetta, Settle the Sky

Steve young

Have u seen two of Bradley Hathaways song titles? What happened to him

Chris S
And have you read the lyrics to those two tracks? Abysmal. I’m so tired of artists / bands who identify themselves as professing Christians who use the banner of “being authentic / honest song-writers” to justify swearing and gratuitously graphic lyrics. I like Emery & support Bad Christian (they are the first guys who I have seen actually support swearing, so I’m just using them as the 1st example in my mind), but their reasoning is both unbiblical & fallacious. Unbiblical because God calls for our speech to be seasoned with grace at all times (Col 4:6), fallacious because they… Read more »
My band joined up with him on a tour for a couple dates he did last year with Least of These. Basically the album seemed to be coming from a place of where he was mentally and how he was feeling / what his flesh wanted to do and just kind of a whole battle of sexual desires and purity. Talking to the dudes in LoT, they said before the tour Bradley told them to only accept if they were comfortable with being “outed” from the Christian market because that’s what would surely happen. Also kind of weird that Bradley… Read more »
I totally understand your opinions and reasoning for the rant and I stand right there with you in support. Call me wrong but I believe flesh eater is about abuse and from what I am gathering is sexual abuse from a sick predator. That’s just what I can guess from listening to all the samples on iTunes. I’ll give it a listen on Spotify but I’m confident that’s what it is. I understand the anger one would have for abuse but there is a better way to go about it in song form from a Christian. You can be just… Read more »
I hate that he’s losing press from IVM, but I don’t think he expected anything less if you read his disclaimer a few days ago. His update made me sure it was something crazy shocking before I ever read up on it. I’m curious to hear Bradley’s explanation at some point because there’s no way anyone (not just a brother in Christ) could release something like this without there being a ton of backstory behind it. But even so, the lyrics themselves left a taste in my mouth I really wish I could get out. I just hope that in… Read more »
Benjamin Weary
Bradley played at my church late 2016 and he said the album was written after he “discovered his sexuality” when he lived in North Dakota. I took this album as a man who “discovered” sex and is both, seeking God while trying to control his lust. Actually, I think this whole album is a concept album of sorts. I think the last song “Penelope” is supposed to be when the character is old and Penelope is the girl who broke his heart and so to cope with his heartbreak, he goes around sleeping with girls while God “haunts” him (based… Read more »
I’m not into banning people or holding some fundamentalist worldview where I pick and choose who to support. I hope I didn’t come off too strong in my wording, I was typing string of consciousness-like from my iPhone. I guess I got caught up in the moment. I’m not accusing anyone of not being a Christian or making art that would teach others, I just have an issue with unneeded extra vulgarity and choice of words. Yes transparency is important and I’m certainly no perfect human being. Honestly not sure what the commenter above meant by “Calvinism” because I was… Read more »
Well, I wrote a 1.5 essay here explaining how the album really moved me, as a Christian. However I didn’t really get a hint of an abuse theme anywhere on here. But maybe I just got locked onto the interpretation that I felt made me understand some of my own past failures and struggles in a whole new light. (Sorry if I got too into describing the experience) As I even mentioned myself, I can totally see how a lack of personal connection to the songs would just make the whole thing sound like some edgy and graphic satire with… Read more »
Noah Hardwick

I listened to a couple of the songs. It really made me think twice about including the album on my list. I’m really surprised that JFH and NRT include it on theirs.


I doubt JFH has seen the record yet or they’d probably take it off.


Or maybe not. NRT doesn’t seem to have a problem with putting it on their list. Weird.