New Blindside!!!

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You read that right, there is NEW Blindside headed our way in just a week. After 8 years of silence, the band posted a teaser on social media earlier today and if it’s any indication, they’re not letting up on their aggressive brand of rock one bit. The new song, “Gravedigger” is set to drop on July 1st. So who’s ready for some new material from these guys???

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Joel Stands

It’s still not out yet

Tim M

Delayed! Typical…! (Problem with distribution, not their fault.)

Joel Stands

It’s there fault that they picked the distributor

8 years of…silence. Nice one!

Phil metalhed

Cool, but wers da link?

Daniel J

Blindsided! With shivering hearts we wait…


Watch “Blindside – Grave Digger” on YouTube
this is a live perfomance from 2015


wow, let’s go!

Jordan Johnson

Sounds pretty good, but will it top Gravedigger by Wolves at the Gate?

Tim M

One of the best bands around so… probably.

Jordan Johnson

I love their first four albums, but haven’t been able to get into the last three, so I have low expectations sadly.

Tim M

Ah, I am a big fan of Silence, About A Burning Fire and The Great Depression. The last album was solid but not my favourite.


I never listened to The Great Depression as much as Silence or About A Burning Fire, so I can’t really say how I feel about it. What I did hear seemed more laid back (e.g. “When I Remember”), which seemed weird to me.