Nate Parrish Announces the "Hey Parrish, You There?" Tour This Fall

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Nate Parrish will be heading out on the “Hey Parrish, You There?” tour with Makeshift3 this fall. Nate Parrish will be headlining, playing songs off his incredible new full length “Soul Surgery”. Makeshift3 will be supporting and comprised by a very futuristic collection of (ro)bots playing all the instruments. Just imagine something along the lines of the Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey end sequence. It’s be a very explosive evening and each date will be different from the one before.

*Disclaimer- All words typed in this post are entirely false except for the parts about the incredible new album from Nate Parrish (Soul Surgery), and the bit about bots. This is not intended as slander, disinformation, fake news, false narratives, or hate speech at all. Indie Vision Music does not condone violence or hate in any manner. Enjoy this April Fools!

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