Mystery Band to Join Solid State this Thursday

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On January 12, Solid State Records posted a cryptic video to their Facebook page which indicated that they’ll be signing another band this Thursday (January 19). They also posted a similar video earlier today. Check out both of the videos below and take a guess at which band they’ll be signing in the comments section.

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10 Comments on "Mystery Band to Join Solid State this Thursday"

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It’s already up for preorder on Amazon. I almost bought it but I’d like to see what bundles they put together.

I think I know who it is


Death Therapy?


I didn’t think Jason would want to do the label thing again, but the demo on bandcamp has been removed for digital purchase. I am looking to see if I downloaded the songs and I can’t find them to compare the styles of these videos to the demos. If the demos have been taken off bandcamp it was either by mistake or well because they will be released again.


That’s what I’m thinking but there is the slight chance that we’re wrong and it’s a different band. But I think it’s Death Therapy


It’s for sure Death Therapy. Like Jared mentioned above preorders are already up on Amazon and Target with a release date of Feb. 24th. The albums title is The Storm Before the Calm.

Track listing:

1. Until Then
2. Self Mind Dead (feat. Andrew Schwab)
3. The Lie
4. Wake Me (When I’m Dead)
5. Prodigal
6. Slow Dance (With Death)
7. Possessed
8. Everything Burns
9. The Belmont Family Curse (Pt. 1: Night)
10. The Belmont Family Curse (Pt. 2: Day)